SyrupGuard Gen3

Maximum control, Waiver of syrup room, electronic release

Enormous cost and time savings

In addition to water and soft drinks, non-alcoholic drinks are now dominated by light or sugar-free cola drinks as well as those with additional benefits:
ACE, sports, relaxation, mineral and energy drinks, with vitamins, minerals or proteins. They are all mixtures of many components and are based on a base material that is mixed with numerous ingredients and water to form a postmix or ready-made syrup. It is extremely important for the bottling companies that the finished syrup always corresponds exactly to the recipe and always tastes the way the customer is used to, before it is finally mixed with water for bottling. Whereas in former times it used to be enough to check the quality of postmix and finished syrup as a sum parameter, today we want to know precice about the individual components: Are all the ingredients included in the syrup? In the exact amount?

SyrupGuard Gen 3 from Dausch Technologies offers the technical requirements to answer all questions positively: the ingredients are checked at the molecular level within a few seconds. On the one hand, this happens in a batch variant in the syrup room. What is completely new now is the possibility of entirely dispensing with the syrup room and carrying out the control and measurement online and immediately after the inline blender. A huge saving of cost and time!

SyrupGuard Gen 3 works in the same way as the proven “LiquiGuard”, only not with the ready-made drink, but with the ready-made syrup. The primary goal is to prevent an incorrect mixture under all circumstances!

SyrupGuard Gen3: Zutat

Variant 1: the batch variant

First, all components as well as all flavors, the sweeteners aspartame, acesulfame or saccharin, the B vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, quinine, Na benzoate, K sorbate or near water flavors are mixed in the batch tank in the syrup room. They are then measured in detail in a small sample and analyzed within a few seconds, as is the total acid and caffeine content. Dausch is the only manufacturer who cannot only determine the exact caffeine content, but can also determine the other ingredients precisely at the molecule level. An Anton Paar measuring method is responsible for determining the Brix value.

Variant 2: the online version

This variant is designed for large bottling companies. All components are measured online directly after the blender, continuously at short intervals. Thus you can do without a refrigerated syrup room, numerous batch tanks and staff. Another result is an enormous saving of time as regular measurement and analysis means that the approval for filling takes place in the process, i.e. online.
Variant 2: the online version: abf.jpg


The SyrupGuard Gen 3 system also offers a major additional benefit: If the online system is running smoothly, it can be taken out of the process for a few minutes and a manual sample from another syrup or batch tank can be analyzed for the release process. Before and after the manual analysis, all lines and measuring cells are meticulously flushed and after a few minutes online operation is automatically resumed.

Thus SyrupGuard Gen 3 offers:

  • an exact controlling of the correct mixture and numerous ingredients
  • the certainty that the specifications are adhered to exactly
  • the possibility of running the procedure online and therefore the chance to save a lot